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Since the London premiere of An Evening With Boycott and Aggers in July 2013, we have presented hugely successful sports talk shows all over the country. Packed with sporting insight, behind the scenes revelations and hilarious anecdotes, these evenings delight both sports lovers and non-aficianados alike.

An Evening with Aggers

Since the home Ashes series in 2013, the Evenings with Aggersshows have been delighting audiences and selling out theatres all over England.

Jonathan Agnew is the BBC chief cricket correspondent and learnt his craft under the tutelage of Brian Johnston, emerging from the notoriety of the gloriously funny “leg over” incident to become one of the country’s finest commentators and interviewers.  READ MORE

My Dear Old Things

Fun & Games with Henry Blofeld

In cricketing terms, Covid’s reign has stopped play for a couple of seasons now. In another year, dear old Blowers would have knocked off a century of theatre shows, appeared on numerous TV programmes and regaled folk with his hilarious anecdotes at functions up and down our green and pleasant land.


An Evening With Aggers & Bumble

There is only one Bumble – so don’t miss out on seeing him live!

Jonathan Agnew has interviewed folk on radio from all walks of life – rock stars, actors, writers, comedians, two prime ministers – and even a boy wizard…  For the past decade, his consummate on air skills have proved electric on stage, delighting audiences in theatres all over England.  In these Evenings with Aggers shows, he has tackled commentary colleagues Geoffrey Boycott, Graeme Swann, Sunil Gavaskar, Phil Tufnell, Alastair Cook and, of course, the gloriously eccentric David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd.

Bumble is a true one-off – a maverick raconteur and an absolute national treasure… READ MORE


A Brand New Evening with
Aggers & Tuffers

By popular demand, Jonathan and Phil have teamed up for a brand new show in 2020 and 2021.

The perfect show for lovers of laughter, larger-than-life characters and jaw-dropping anecdotes. Since 2016, An Evening With Aggers and Tuffers has been selling out theatres all over the country. With Aggers’ Boycott-baiting wind-ups and tall tales of Tuffers’ global misdeeds, this is an unbeatable evening for cricket fans and non-aficionados alike… READ MORE


An Evening With Sir Geoffrey Boycott

A Brand New Knight Out!

Geoffrey would be the first to acknowledge that, over the years, he has rubbed many people up the wrong way and divided opinion wherever he has gone. However, his candid plain-speaking is refreshing in these times and certainly a large part of what makes him such great box office.

Since 2020, Test Match Special has felt the loss of Boycott’s forensic analysis, encyclopaedic knowledge and blunt, no-nonsense, straight-talking… READ MORE

An Evening with Aggers & Cook

Jonathan and Alastair always enjoyed a cordial relationship as BBC correspondent and England captain. Recently, of course, Cook has joined Aggers in the box and is evidently a natural in this new environment. The pair were on commentary during the nail-biting final moments of England’s dramatic World Cup victory and they are bound to relive that, among other special memories, in this highly entertaining evening.

Aggers will encourage Alastair to lift the lid on life in the England dressing room and you can also tweet the pair with your own questions. Make them good ones! READ MORE