Business Continuity Policy

Possible Threats

1. Breakdown of Studio Facilities
2. Location Crisis, e.g. natural disaster/Illness of presenter and/or contributor
3. Conflict Outbreak/Pandemic


1. Allow enough recording/editing time to rectify situation without endangering recording
2. Factor in possible alternative recording location/presenter/contributor
3. Evacuate as soon as possible. Use alternative location

Critical Processes

1. Research
2. Contracting presenters and contributors
3. Recording
4. Editing
5. Transmitting to broadcast facility

1. Factor in stand by researcher
2. Ensure all presenters and contributors are fully contracted to cover illness and inability to fulfil contract
3. Employ suitable recording facilities
4. Ensure adequate editing facilities
5. Use known and protected methods to download finished product

Communication Plan

1. Ensuring that all staff and freelancers are aware of measures to take in an emergency
2. Whom to refer to in an emergency

1. Provide written document laying out emergency contingencies
2. Provide emergency telephone numbers, emails and contact details to all staff and feelancers

Named Contacts in Event of Emergency:

First Responder:

Simon Fielder (M) Production and Programming
Tel: +44 (0) 7775780057

Second Responder:

Simon Rae
Tel: +44 (0)7748032270

5. Insurances, Legal Documents

Location in event of need:
Bridge Studios,
318-326 Wandsworth Bridge Road
London SW6 2TZ